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In our seminars, we often talk about all the things a manager has to do with their people to be effective. Things like coaching, communication and motivation are topics that most store managers are continuously working to improve upon.
To help you see where you fall in regards to your current management ability when it comes to training, developing people, coaching, and building a team, we've developed the following quiz. Use the scale below and mark your number in front of each statement. Then add up your score and check your results.

5 = Always
4 = Often
3 = Sometimes
2 = Rarely
1 = Never

_____ 1. I model the sales and service behaviors that I expect from my associates.

_____ 2. When others are better at a skill than I am, I let them teach the rest of the group.

_____ 3. I know what motivates each person on my staff.

_____ 4. When I hire someone, they are clear on what the expectations are for the job.

_____ 5. I am good at planning and organizing my day to lead the team.

_____ 6. I follow up when I say I will and have developed trust with my store associates.

_____ 7. I delegate responsibility to others for their own development.

_____ 8. I make sure that my associates have the training and tools they need to get the job done.

_____ 9. When I see a performance problem developing I act quickly and confront the performer to redirect him/her.

_____ 10. I spend time recruiting to be continuously upgrading my store's team.

_____ 11. I share store and company goals with my team so they know what we trying to achieve.

_____ 12. I spend time each day coaching associates in specific behaviors.

_____ 13. I create a positive, energetic and team-oriented environment within my store.

_____ 14. I praise associates in public and criticize in private.

_____ 15. My associates appear content and genuinely seen to enjoy working for me.

_____ 16. I challenge my associates to face their fears and reward them for trying.

_____ 17. I take time to watch sales interactions and offer positive / negative feedback to the associate.

_____ 18. I work to develop others for future management positions.

_____ 19. If asked, any associate in my store would know their personal goals and the minimum standards for their performance.

_____ 20. I see opportunities or setbacks as exciting challenges and encourage my team to do the same.

Results Below…

Find your score range below for an analysis of your score. These results are by no means "scientific" but only give you an idea where you may be in your personal management development.

Score 90-100:

If you're still a store manager after getting this score, it's time for a promotion! Or it's time reevaluate and get another perspective. Have a co-worker answer these exact questions about you! If the score is still above 90 then consider faxing the quiz to your DM to get well-deserved praise… you are an exceptionally talented manager!

Score: 77-89:

Congratulations, you're in an elite category here. You are doing exceedingly well and understand how to train, develop, and motivate your store team. You probably enjoy your job and have a store that runs like a well-oiled machine. Enjoy it and prepare for a promotion to a higher volume or more prestigious store. Talent like yours can't stay hidden forever.

Score: 76-63:

To get in this category, you're probably doing most everything found on the quiz at least sometimes and a few things often…good job. But what this also means is that you know what works and what you have to do to have superior performance in your store…now just start doing more of it! Retake the quiz (without cheating) 4 weeks from now to reevaluate how you've improved. You've got what it takes!

Score: 62-50:

If you fell in this category you're either average in almost every category or you're doing well at some things and really faltering in others. Go back through the quiz and look for the all the questions when you answered a "2" or a "1." Look for the "action words" (i.e. coach, motivate, goal setting) associated with the question and that will help you determine the areas where you need the most improvement. And if you don't have it yet, get a copy of "Unlocking the Secrets of Retail Magic!"

Score: 49-40:

If your score has fallen in this category, then you're rarely doing most of what was asked on the quiz. It may be time for a heart-to-heart with your supervisor because you need some direction and guidance. You can also get help from other managers and check out the library for some good books on management. Your long-term success as a manager will depend on your taking initiative to improve.

Score: 39 and below:

If you scored below a 39 it's clear you aren't focused on the people around you. To succeed in retail, it's all about people - your customers and associates. If you really want to continue as a manager, consider a management or leadership class on the side as soon as possible. Only you know if you're "cut out" for this!

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