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SYSTEMATIC RECRUITING is an outstanding program that teaches participants how to take control of their manpower destiny by sourcing and hiring top performers away from other retailers and service establishments on a "direct", one-on-one basis. It takes participants through a proven, step-by-step process and provides them with specific recruiting methods and techniques that can be implemented immediately. It is an impactful program and powerful tool for any organization that wants to keep pace in the highly competitive race to capture an increased share of the ever-dwindling supply of top retail performers.What is Direct Recruiting?Though all hiring is often referred to as recruiting, SYSTEMATIC RECRUITING focuses exclusively on the portion of the process that we call "direct" recruiting… the "surgical removal of top talent from other organizations and transplanting them into yours"… in other words, stealing people!Who is the Program Designed for?Systematic Recruiting is designed for trainers, training directors, HR Managers, field management personnel and frontline store managers with the need to master effective direct recruiting methods.

What are some of the program's benefits?

Proactive Approach. Direct recruiting allows store and field managers to take proactive control of their manpower destiny, building a "ready-file" of potential candidates to contact when positions become available.
Higher Quality Performers. While direct recruiting may not be the quickest means of bring people on board, it is without equal when it comes to identifying and hiring the best people.
Upgrading, Not Just Replacing. Direct recruiting allows your people to do more than simply fill positions… it provides them with a means for "upgrading" the performance level of their store team.
Observation. The primary benefit of a direct recruiting program is that it allows you to observe an individual acting naturally in their own environment without them knowing they are being observed.
Cost Effectiveness. Compared to the cost of other means of attracting top talent (especially newspaper advertising), direct recruiting is extremely cost effective.
Reduced Turnover. It takes longer to woo top performers away from their current employers, but once they do make the decision to change jobs they tend to stay 2-3 times longer than associates/managers hired via other means. Over time this reduces turnover.

How is Systematic Recruiting different?

It’s Focused.  It is not about job fairs or classified ads or employee referrals. It is about identifying top performers at other retailers and service establishments and hiring them away to work for your organization.
It’s More than Simple "Rah-Rah." This program does more than sell your people on why they should be recruiting… it teaches them HOW to do it, providing specific and easily reproducible techniques that get results!
It Removes the Fear Factor. A primary reason that managers don’t recruit is their fear of approaching potential candidates. SYSTEMATIC RECRUITING removes the "fear factor" entirely!
It has Follow Up Built Into the System. Experience shows that effective follow up doubles the number of hires you will make. There is a  follow up system built into the program from the very beginning.

What are the details of the Master-Training option?Richard will come to your facilities or off-site location and conduct a full day training.  The first half of the day is simply the program as it is normally delivered.  The second half of the day is the master training itself where Rich will take participants through the Leader's Guide and explain how to conduct this program themselves.  Fees are as follows:

Number of Participants*:    Cost per Participant**:

8-11                        $495
12-15                      $445
16-19                      $395 
20-24                      $345

*The minimum number of participants for a master training session is 8, with a maximum of 24 recommended. ** This fee is plus travel expenses (airfare, room, meals, etc.) and participant materials ($20 per participant, plus shipping).

PLEASE NOTE: Only those individuals who are personally trained and certified by Richard Fenton may conduct this session. To maintain the integrity and quality of the program, as well as to protect and reserve the rights of our copyrighted materials, we prohibit trainers from "teaching other trainers" to conduct the program. Any individual who wishes to conduct this session in a classroom setting using our copyrighted materials must go through our master training session.


Custom Index Tabs
Detailed Leader’s Guide for conducting the program
Participant Workbook
Reproducible Master Copies of:
Participant Workbook/Handouts
Written Permission to Reproduce Program Materials

Optional: Not included in the material fee is our excellent video, "Don’t Hire Great People… STEAL THEM", available at $59 per participant. It serves as an excellent follow up tool.