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Driving Sales Performance

      A Step-by-Step Process for Getting Outstanding Results from
     Frontline Store Teams.

Management is unique in that a manager’s worth is not determined by his or her direct effort, but rather by the collective effort of others. As a result, the ability of a manager to achieve sales and service goals is in direct proportion to their ability to get results from the entire team.

That’s why the Driving Sales Performance™ workshop was developed. . . .

Coaching for Behavior Change™

      Mastering the Ability to Provide Performance Feedback and
      Develop Skills in Others.

Without a doubt, coaching is the #1 influence on changing behavior. Yet, in reality, coaching a team of individuals to reach peak performance is not an easy task.

Fortunately, as with most business skills, the ability to coach can be learned, developed, and improved with practice. And Coaching for Behavior Change™ is the workshop that shows how! . . .

Sales Floor Leadership™

      A Proven Process for Impacting Results: One Sale, One Skill,
     One Shift at a Time!

What does great sales floor leadership look like? Natural born sales leaders make it look easy, but for most people it’s a serious challenge. But, luckily, effective sales floor leadership is a process… and like any process, it can be learned!

And that’s what the Sales Floor Leadership™ workshop does. Utilizing seven specific steps this workshop outlines what it takes to provide performance feedback, communicate goals and develop skills “on the run” while keeping every member of the team focused on their primary mission; selling and serving customers! . . .

Direct Recruiting for Retailers™

      How to Surgically Remove Top Talent from Other Organizations
      and Transplant Them into Yours!

The war on talent is being fought in malls, strip centers and big-box locations all across America, and any retail organization that does not have a structured, effective “direct recruiting” program in place is going into the battle unarmed!

Effective recruiting is more than handing out business cards. In fact, handing out business cards in today’s competitive recruiting environment is one of the least effective approaches you can use. Direct Recruiting for Retailers™ provides a step-by-step process that will turn anyone into a recruiting machine. . . .

Analyzing the Numbers™

      An In-Depth Analysis of Key Performance Indicators and the
      "Meaning Behind the Metrics".

Every day retail managers go to their computers and bring up “the numbers” to see where the day came in. But staring at a computer screen or printout will never change the numbers! The only way the numbers will move is through a detailed understanding of what the numbers represent.

The Analyzing the Metrics™ workshop helps retail managers develop their analytical skills and develop a deep understanding of “the meaning behind the metrics” to drive them to significantly greater heights. . . .

The Art of the Store Visit

      A Strategic Approach for Maximizing Results by Making Every
      "Store Visit Minute" Matter!

Management is unique in that a manager’s worth is not determined by his or her direct effort, but rather by the collective effort of others.

And this is particularly true of multi-unit managers who not only need to get results through others… but who need to achieve this, sometimes from great distances. . . .

Success Strategies for Multi-Unit Managers

      High-Impact Approaches for Getting Outstanding Results from
      Frontline Store Teams.

Let’s face it… multi-unit management is one of the most demanding jobs in retail and critical to the organization’s long term success. So it’s no surprise that a great many of the workshops we conduct are for District and Regional Managers.

But when it comes to training multi-unit managers, we take the approach that one size rarely fits all! Every retailer has their own specific needs and challenges (not to mention time restraints and budget limitations). So, depending on the timeframe available, a customized Success Strategies for Multi-Unit Managers™ workshop can be built to include portions of any and/or all of the following programs.

. . .

"GO FOR NO!"® Selling

      How to Explode the Size of the Sale . . . and Have Your
      Customers Love You For It!

Based on the concepts in Richard Fenton’s cult-classic business book, Go for No! ® The Ultimate Strategy for Failing Your Way to Success, this workshop teaches participants to quickly and dramatically improve sales performance by increasing their “failure rate”… in other words, the number of times they hear the word “no” from the customer.

But make no mistake – this is not a high pressure, twist-the-customer’s-arm approach to selling. Far from it! Go for
No! ® teaches a true “win/win” approach to selling in which sales goals are met and exceeded, but in a way that will truly have customers loving you for it ! . . .

Sell Like a Lion

      How the Superstars of Retail Sell, Serve and Succeed!

Anyone who comes in contact with customers needs sales training, from frontline associates to multi-unit managers. And we’ve created a program that is perfect for every level!

By comparing and contrasting four distinct selling styles (Sharks, Retrievers, Hippos and Lions), Sell Like a Lion!™ teaches participants exactly what it takes to become a sales superstar in today’s competitive market. . . .

Sign 'Em Up!™

      The Proven Process for Increasing Loyalty Program Memberships
      and House Charge Accounts

Look in any wallet or purse and you’re sure to find one thing; an impressive collection of plastic including an array of in-house credit and loyalty membership cards. And while the cards may be from a variety of different companies, they all have two things in common:

  • They are all physical reminders that reinforce the “mental connection” the customer has with those companies, and…
  • Every one of them made their way into that person’s wallet or purse because someone at those companies sold the person on why they should take the time to sign up!