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Workshops are available in half-day or full day formats. Half-day workshops are 3 ½ hours in length. You can combine any two half-day workshops to create a full-day training session.  Full day workshops are
8 hours (two 3 ½ hour sessions plus one hour lunch).

Workshops are available in two formats; “Personalized” and “Customized”:

Personalized:     Every FentonWaltz retail development workshop is personalized to ensure that we connect with your people by “speaking your language.” We achieve this through the use of a short questionnaire to identify the terms you use (customer vs. guest, associate vs. team member, etc.), the products and services you offer, names of key players within your company, and the theme for your meeting. Then we personalize both our slides and participant handouts. Also, if desired, we’ll conduct a brief conference call with you and key members of your leadership team to identify your organization’s unique challenges and goals for the session. And all of this is automatically included in the fee for the workshop.

Customized:    If desired we can create a “customized” program to meet your specific needs. This would include deleting content, merging content from two programs, or adding content unique to your organization. This may require additional conference calls to learn and refine the content, review of current training materials, conducting phone interviews with field managers and/or conducting store visits within the Portland/Seattle area. As such, fees for customized programs are quoted on a per project/workshop basis depending on your needs.


Richard's keynote presentations are designed for larger groups (typically 100+) and can be adjusted to meet your specific needs, from 45-90 minutes in length. As with our personalized workshops, we’ll invest whatever time is needed to ensure we speak your language and connect with your audience.


Consulting Services

Having a combined 30 years in retail experience plus working closely with 20+ of some of the most successful retailers in business, we can offer you a "fresh eyes" perspective of your business. Our consulting focuses in the areas of sales, management, loyalty programs, training and development. While we certainly have insights and opinions on merchandising, loss prevention, facilities management and logistics, we do not focus on them.

Needs Analysis and Program Review

For a very reasonable fee, we review your current training programs and make recommendations for improvement. Includes store visits, phone interviews and review of current training materials.

Program Design and Development

Program design is a time intensive process for anyone to take on. We have found it impedes the ability of a training department and/or training director to focus on the daily needs of the business. That's why we have been hired to design custom training programs for a variety of retail organizations. Orientation, sales training, leadership and management training are all examples of programs that we could design for you.

Video Script Writing

Over the past few years we've written over 20 video scripts for our clients on a variety of topics, including Orientation, Customer Service, Sales, Coaching, Interviewing, and others. Ensure that your videos don't just focus on "what" and "why" but on "how" and have us write your next script for you!