FentonWaltz - Retail Keynote Speaker - Consulting, Workshops, Keynotes, Training Materials

Who is FentonWaltz?

Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz are the Fenton and Waltz of FentonWaltz!

We've spent our entire careers in retail, holding every position you can imagine, from stock person to sales associate… from store manager to district manager … from vice president of retail operations to training director.

Then in 1997, with our love of speaking and training combined with our desire to share our ideas, techniques, and concepts for impacting retail performance we launched our training and consulting business. At that time we wrote "Unlocking the Secrets of Retail Magic" which has now sold in excess of 20,000 copies becoming required reading at major retailers across the country!

Since our beginning we've focused on the areas of sales, management, and recruiting in the retail industry creating numerous programs and products designed specifically for the growth and development of sales associates, managers, field managers and trainers. We have had the opportunity of working with some of America's top retail organizations (our client list is the "Who's Who" of retail!)

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